Christmas is a wonderful time of the year filled with love, happiness and cold cheeks. We, in Mallow, couldn’t agree more as we enjoy this festivity as well. We are delighted we can spend time with our family, cook and bake all the delicious food and have a nice hot cup of tea.

And how we love giving presents to our loved ones! They vary from a book and home decorations to clothes and electronics. However, as we get older, we run out of ideas and we no longer know what to give.

Thankfully, in Mallow we have an opportunity to make our loved ones decide this for themselves. All you need to do is purchase a Mallow Gift Card for your special person. This card is available to purchase online at or at Katie’s Newsagents on Main Street & Mac’s Place on Limerick Road.

This way you give the perfect present, you keep your business in town and your town in business. There are over 60 retailers in Mallow who accept this Gift Card.

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