June News


  • Now that the half-hour free parking system has been introduced it is important for us all  to take stock and review how the situation plays out during the summer. We can then move the process forward with evidence to base our requests on. The vast majority of traders are much happier with the half-hour free parking as against the previous system and we’ll monitor how this progresses.
  • On the issue of pay parking, a recent report by the Municipal District Officer received a
    somewhat mixed reception from local Councillors, who also voiced their displeasure with the total of €€380,000 that was paid to the parking company in charge of the pay parking system. We will continue to work in conjunction with other parties in an effort to find a system that suitably accommodates all stakeholders.
  • The traffic lights issue in the town is hopefully in the process of being resolved, not a
    moment too soon I’m sure many of you would agree. Local representatives have
    consistently worked in an attempt to improve the situation and outside experts and
    consultants from the local area are attempting to find a positive solution. Cork County
    Council have terminated the contract it had in place with the previous contractors and
    everyone is now working together with a view to having traffic flowing much more
    smoothly in the town centre and its surrounds in the near future.
  •  The meeting re (Positioning Mallow for the Future) jointly organised by MDP and
    Mallow Chamber is being held on Monday 15th June at MPHC. Speakers will include the chairman of MDP Mr John McDonnell, Minister Sean Sherlock TD, Kevin O Keeffe Chamber President, Ms Noreen Walsh Mallow Chamber and Mr Jim Barry Managing Director of the Barry Group.
  • The Mallow Primary Healthcare Centre (MPHC), which featured recently on the front
    page and beyond in the Corkman, celebrated its 5th birthday and continues to go from
    strength to strength. With over 1,000 people availing of its world class services each
    day, MPHC has proven to be an invaluable asset to the town. MPHC also employs over
    250 people across it’s range of services, making it an important local employer, and we
    wish them as much success in the five years to come that the initial five have brought.
  • MPHC has also continued its advances by teaming up with Trinity College Dublin on
    brain research. MPHC is set to become the first satellite NEIL Memory Research Unit,
    undertaking extensive research into the brain health of the elderly.
  • On the theme of local development, it is very encouraging to see the sterling work being
    carried out by the Local Enterprise Office since its establishment a year ago. The LEO
    fulfills a crucial role in advising and liaising with locals looking for information and
    advice on all state bodies in the business sphere. Over 160 jobs have been created in the
    past year in LEO assisted companies, the clearest measure of its success to date, and over1,200 people have taken part in core LEO programmes since it started operations in Mallow. Indeed the Mallow LEO has been designated as a centre for the European
    Enterprise Network Service, which will begin operations this summer. It’s a case of a lot done, more to do, but the LEO is a vital local resource and it is heartening to see so many  ambitious business people in the town availing of its services and expertise.
  • More good news on matters relating to Dairygold, with the company recently reporting
    an operating profit of €€27.2 million for 2014. The €€83.5m investment in the regeneration of its milk processing plant in Mallow is on schedule.
  • The EPS Group continues to flourish both domestically and further afield, and the
    Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton TD, visited the group to
    announce plans for a new design and manufacturing centre of excellence at
    its Quartertown HQ. The €€3m investment will lead to the creation of over 50 new jobs,
    bringing the total number of people employed by EPS across Ireland, the UK and the
    Middle East close to 400. EPS is one of only a handful of companies that provide an end to end service in the global water sector and it is a notable feather in Mallow’s cap to have a company of its stature on our doorstep, providing such a boost to local
    employment levels.
  • There was good news concerning the purchase by Cork County Council of Mallow Town  Park, playground and outdoor gym area. These spaces are an important civic amenity and now that they will come under council and local authority control they will hopefully
    prove to be spaces that an increasing number of community members can make use of .
  • The landmark Spa House continues to lie empty due to an ongoing issue with radon gases in the premises, and Cork County Council recently admitted that it did not have sufficient  funds in place to carry out remedial work on the building. Alternative sources of funding will have to be sought and the Chamber will continue to liaise with a number of local representatives in trying to ensure that this local treasure is restored to its former glory.
  •  The M20 Cork to Limerick motorway project is an issue that is not receiving the
    prominence at Cabinet level that we are all hoping for, as no doubt the Minister for
    Transport has had his hands full in recent weeks with a decision to be made over selling the State’s stake in Aer Lingus. Now that Minister Donohoe has rubber stamped the sale we are hopeful that the M20 project will be revived, as this vital piece of infrastructure is crucial to the further development of the southern region. Funds for even the stand alone Mallow by-pass are not currently available but we will work with national and local representatives, who have Mallow’s best interests at heart, with a view to overcoming the  obstacles that are presently in the way of this project starting.
  • A ‘Sold’ sign was recently placed outside the former Central Hotel building and we await developments on this matter. Once we have more news to share we will bring it to you all.
  • Those involved with Mallow Tidy Towns carry out commendable work on behalf of the
    local amenities, and are always on the lookout for anyone interested in helping out at any stage. Their recent spring clean with students from St Mary’s was a great idea and we  hope more and more locals will continue to support the groups efforts during the summer months.
  • Congratulations go to those involved with Allied Profiles, one of only 31 firms
    nationwide to be nominated for this year’s National Enterprise Awards. Allied Profiles
    was established in Mallow in 2012 by Martin O’Mahony and Paul O’Sullivan, and
    operates out of a 6,200 sq ft premises in the Clyda Business Estate. It specialises in the
    lamination of aluminium and UPC window and door profiles, along with a wide range of cellular products. With support from the Mallow LEO, Allied Profiles has flourished
    since its inception and we commend them on being recognised on a national scale.
  • Killavullen native Emily Birchall, whose father Paul owns Pi Cycles in Mallow town, is
    making great strides on two wheels, becoming one of only two female cyclists in Ireland to be named on the Nicholas Roche Performance Team. A past winner of the Tour of Scotland, and participant in the European Youth Olympics, the future looks bright for Emily to become one of Ireland’s next cycling stars.
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